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Top Growing Occupations

Top Growing Occupations

Pensacola Metro Area (Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties)

The percent change in job numbers for the associated 2-digit SOC occupation. 

Sources: "BLS Databases, Tables and Calculators: Employment," ACS, QCEW, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Emsi (2015-2020). Data visualization provided by the UWF Haas Center.

Occupational Growth

State of Florida

Mean household income represents the sum of all household incomes divided by the total number of households in our area. The median household income represents the middle most value of household incomes in our area. Per capita income represents the average income per resident.

Sources: “ACS Table S1901,” U.S. Census Bureau, American Community Survey 1-Year Estimates, Datasheet retrieved from Data visualization provided by the UWF Haas Center.