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Narrative Overview

Voter Turnout


Why does it matter?

Voting is an important part of the democratic process. The best way to ensure that your community is making changes that reflect your views, whether its state, local or national, is to do your research and vote. For your community to prosper, the right people need to be in charge.

Voter Turnout

Pensacola Metro Area (Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties)

The percent of registered voters that participated in an election for that year.

Where are we now?

Presidential elections were in 2016 and 2020, when we see a little more than 70 percent of voter participation. In contrast, 2018 was not a presidential election and coincidentally yielded a 60 percent participation rate.

How is it measured?

The Voter Turnout statistics were taken from the Escambia and Santa Rosa supervisors of elections. The voter turnout represents the percentage of registered voters that participated in said election.

What call to action is linked to this indicator?

To ensure that your voice is heard, you should vote! One of the best ways to make change is by getting involved in local politics. Many registered voters rush to their precinct when it is a presidential election year, but if policymakers can entice more activity in local elections, this could increase voter turnout for secondary elections. State and governmental organizations should provide clear, unbiased, readily available information for residents seeking more knowledge about the candidates and parties in their districts. Access to voting in terms of days, hours, and locations, and the ability to vote by mail or to drop off a ballot are important factors in whether people vote or not.